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Brand advertising is all about reinforcing the persona you want to convey to the world. Get it right and your product/service will be embraced by your audience. First identify your target market then (using any combination of images, words or delivery style), focus your efforts on grabbing their attention and not everyone else's. Once you have suitably engaged your target audience, it is significantly easier to effectively communicate the specific brand message you want to say.


Marketing is the general broad term for spreading the word (on a company, product, service, person, or even information), and can be used in both an advertising and promotional context. Branded merchandise takes everyday elements (eg. travel mugs, pens, notebooks), and makes them into mini-advertising billboards by adding brand message to them in some way. So I guess in a way, that could also be seen as a form of packaging.


Where brand advertising and marketing are often forms of communication that focus on building the personality, values, and established nature of a brand, the purpose of short-term promotional campaigns and signage is generally to initiate a short-term spike in sales. This can be in the form of a trial of a new product/service, a limited-time promo offer, a sweepstake, or a loyalty program.


The corporate identity is often the first impression the general public has of a company. When creating them I always encourage the client to be very involved in the process, as I believe it is something they have to be 100% happy with. That's why I also guarantee a fixed price for every corporate identity, no matter how many revisions may occur. It removes any concern over budget, from both parties, and enables us to focus solely on creating the perfect unique design for the business.


In the most basic of definitions, all forms of design and marketing can be broken down into simple pieces of communication. Of course it's important for them to look good, but faultless attention to detail in some instances, such as annual reports, can often be higher up on the list of priorities. After all, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the facts are always the facts!


Sometimes, when it comes to finding a specific image, no matter how hard you look, you just can't find what you need. Thankfully, in the digital world, we're not limited by what we can find. If it doesn't exist, we simply create it!

We are literally limited only by our imagination ... and ability!!


Bigger is Better! Okay, that's not always the case but, when it comes to grabbing your target audience's attention in a visually-competitve environment, size can certainly help.

10m tradeshow displays, motorway billboards, store signage, in-store displays, vehicle wraps ... the list goes on and on.


And of course, in this digital era, we can't escape the impact of e-media. It's everywhere! On the television, electronic billboards, websites, online banner advertising, e-blasts, app development, smartphone graphics, QR codes, SEO, blogs, Social media, etc. While it's not a mandatory component, the bigger the  advertising, marketing or promotional campaign, the more significant e-media can be to the success of it.