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Contrary to what you might think, engaging marketing doesn’t need be complicated.
What makes a good design may indeed be subjective, but what makes good marketing can be evaluated with a simple formula:


​Start with a UNIQUE Selling Point (USP), keep the message SIMPLE, and you'll end up with EFFECTIVE marketing
and the clear communication of the desired message.

Any marketing that employs an overly complicated design or communication method at the expense of this basic function, is simply not doing its job!

Of course, appealing directly to your target audience is also a key factor. Get their attention first, then communicate your message clearly and concisely.


Whether you require rebranding for an existing business, or a helping hand with a small start-up company, I provide a cost-effective ‘a la carte’ menu of services so you only pay for what you need. No unnecessary ‘built-in’ overheads, no superfluous costs, and absolutely no high-pressure upselling!

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PRINT: flyers, brochures, print advertising, annual reports, magazines, brand manuals, packaging, posters, back-lit signage, direct mail, merchandise, roll-up banners, vehicle wraps, tradeshow/store signage, billboards.

E-MEDIA: websites, animated GIFs, in-app graphics, banner advertising, electronic billboards and advertising screens.



I am a results-oriented creative and design professional, experienced in developing design, advertising and marketing materials on a large and small-scale. Agency-trained, I am fortunate to have worked on some of the most iconic brands of our time, including Coca-Cola, Sony and Nestlé.

Since making the move from agency life, I now work for myself in Edinburgh, Scotland under the banner of Spiral Marketing, and on a contract basis for other agencies as required.

I combine solid creative vision and design skills with a strong financial acumen ensuring well-targeted, and sustainable brand-building and marketing campaigns. A quick review of my projects will give you a good idea of the standard and breadth of creative work that I do, but if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy browsing through the rest of the site.

                                          Roy Anstey